AA Technologies was established in 1992 as a small private equity firm focusing on consultancy In the ICT sector. Back then we were catering our services to a single operator out of a small office In Cairo that staffed a modest employee base of three consultants. Presently, AA technologies services have expanded beyond consultancy, while keeping intact our advisory based roots. Our portfolios of ever expanding, Innovative and top of the line services are being provided to almost every operator, as well as other players in the ICT field throughout the Middle East and Africa region. We have and are continuously doing so through our well synergized footprints which are located throughout Cairo, London, and Montreal.

A company which started off with a small market cap, that is now over 50 million. In association with our partners, we have throughout our expansion; put an emphasis on not losing touch with our values and commitment to world class standards, as we strive to further pursue excellence in the development of our region.


Our Vision is to improve the communication condition through the advancement of knowledge and technology. We aspire to do this through excellence and innovation in products, services, partnerships and outreach, in order to serve as a catalyst for economic, technological and communicational development in the Middle East and Africa region, to train a highly talented, motivated, and passionate work force, and to educate an engaged communities in the benefits of such developments.

We will continue to be responsive to the needs of our region while we also recognize our responsibilities to the world and our commitment to world-class standards. Our vision renders a unified pulse here that drives us to solve real-world problems; our comprehensiveness enables us to create synergies among disciplines to better understand and grapple with our clients problems that we strive to solve. Our clients will be equipped to lead and to promote developmental values that will better the communication standards between all societies of our globe.


Our mission is built on the philosophy that people's lives ore enriched by communicating, and that AA Technologies should be dedicated to the advancement of communications technology; to the sharing of this knowledge by connecting diverse communities; and to the application of this knowledge to benefit the people of the region, and the world.