Telecom Solutions

AA Technologies provides new generation telecommunications solutions and network infrastructure components, convergence gateways, soft switches, service delivery platforms and various Intelligent Network applications to the telecommunications industry. With an array of innovative solutions, tomorrow's technologies are made available today, providing competitive edge for AA Technologies partners. I, We understand that the path to all IP and all IMS solutions is one that needs to be managed for and adapted to each operator, based on its existing infrastructure, its priorities and unique requirements. As well as providing full IMS infrastructure components and complementing products, AA Technologies also partners with operators to manage their IMS roadmap and provides them end-to-end solution throughout the entire process of moving to an all IP and all IMS network infrastructure Adoption of IMS enables operators to extend their existing customer base and increase their revenue per user with multimedia rich services that are presence context and/or community/group based which are accessible across different bearer networks. The all-Ii' infrastructure opens up doors for the mobile operator to use any fixed, wireless or radio access for the delivery of media rich services to end users providing independence from location of the user and the underlying access technologies.